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Bancroft Maritime Security Solutions

Bancroft Maritime Security Solutions was founded in 2009 and was the idea of it’s founder David Bancroft MNM. From his dealings with private security companies during his period as UKMTO, it was obvious that there was a lack of understanding of the Merchant Marine Industry. BMSS is made up of “Seafarers”, rather than soldiers with little or no maritime experience. Three of it’s Senior Managers have served over 25 years each at sea; two with service in both the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy.

BMSS has unrivalled knowledge in Anti Piracy counter measures and experience at both the tactical and strategic level. The Director of the company Commanded UKMTO from 2007 – 2009 and started what has since become known as Best Management Practice as well as designed and implemented the Internationally Recognised Transit Corridor “IRTC”.

Whilst BMSS has only traded since 2009, the experience contained within it comes from over 25 years of Maritime experience working at sea in both the Military and Commercial environs.

The purpose of this website is to give Shipping Companies and other associated industries the ability to work with fellow seafarers who instinctively understand the mariners issues, risks and trading areas.

BMSS Mission Statement

"To provide market leading and ethical Risk Management and Training solutions to ensure our clients can minimise their exposure to global risks and threats in the maritime environment, thus allowing them and their employees to operate effectively and safely."

BMSS has a global footprint.


Director – David G Bancroft MNM

'David Bancroft is very widely known and enormously well respected following the dynamic role he performed as Officer in Charge of UK Maritime Trade Operations (MTO) in Dubai between 2007 and 2009, when his unit of Royal Naval personnel played a vital role in providing military/civilian liaison in response to the Somali piracy crisis'
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Service Offerings

• Pirate Advisory Teams
• Bridge Advisors (Most with UKMTO command time)
• Ship board training prior to a HRA Transit
• Training to Crisis Management Teams
• Hardening Surveys and Reports
• Doctrinal Anti Piracy measures
• Port Surveys for Cruise Vessels
• Vessel / Fleet Tracking and monitoring
• Foundation ISPS Training Courses
• SSO, CSO and PFSO course – coming online 2011
• PFSO's for small Ports
• Small company CSO's and DPA's
• Gangway Security
• Navigation Audits
• Common Marine Surveys
• DP Audits and FMEA's
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